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23 Tips to Become the Best Volleyball Setter – ProRecAthlete

Here are 22 additional qualities of a good setter. 2. Be a good leader. Being a good leader means knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of your teammates, so you can maximize their best abilities. A good setter will encourage their teammates to play well, and to stay focussed and be aggressive (in a good way!).

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If you are on a quest to become a better setter volleyball player then you first want to develop great setting technique and more from Improve Your Volleyball.com. The Setter Volleyball Checklist When you set have everything lined up under the ball so hips underneath shoulders, shoulders lined up underneath outstretched arms ..ideally without body parts sticking out (photo Gallery Three)

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8 Tips for Beginning and Experienced Volleyball Setters

There are many ways setters can switch things up. The first and simplest way is to dump or slightly tip the ball over the block to throw off the opponent’s defense. Another option is to shoot it to the corners. Do this move very discreetly and don’t be too obvious, or your opponents will pick up on this fast.

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10 Tips to Improve Setter Leadership. Use the following tips to help improve your setting. 1. Make your teammates feel comfortable. Learn how to communicate positively with your teammates. You should never be the most silent player in the gym. 2. Be the hardest worker. If the coach asks for a volunteer, do it.

Volleyball Setter Tips The "SETTER RETURN" Move

Make sure your hands are slightly rounded prior to contact with the ball. The hands are kept in the shape of the ball before, during, after contact. This allows for a greater area of the ball to be contacted. The more surface area contacted, the better control of the ball and the better the release.

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This article will share all kinds of tips, concepts, and drills for improving your setting. If you are brand new to setting, or volleyball in general, start off by reading our Beginner’s Guide To Setting A Volleyball. 1. Pay Attention To Your Setting Stance. When you’re a setter, you will spend almost all of your time in one of two stances: your athletic stance, and your “down and ready” stance.

How to Be a Good Setter in Volleyball: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Community Answer. A good setter does not necessarily have to be tall. A good setter should be able to deliver sets that make it easy for the hitter to hit, and should be able to get to any ball quickly.

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To begin learning how to set the ball, you should position your feet so that they are shoulder width apart. Not too wide and not too close, but comfortably apart with knees bent slightly. For right handers - in this position slide your right foot a couple of inches forward so that it's slightly in front of your left foot.