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Urban Dictionary: pimp shoes

Top definition. pimp shoes. unknown. A simple pair of tennis shoes, skater shoes, coverses, high-tops, etc in which have been "Pimped out" or given a new and unique " make over " by the owner of the shoes to fit their unique style;no pair of Pimp Shoes will be the same considering each pair made will fit the given person's style;Pimp Shoes CAN NOT be found in stores...After the selling of Pimp Shoes they are no longer Pimp Shoes since they were designed for YOUR OWN STYLE.

Urban Dictionary: tennis pimp

some one who is very 1337 at tennis

Urban Dictionary: Tennis-shoe Hustla

Tennis-shoe Hustlaunknown. When you are so fly u are above a pimp or a mac etc. Tennis Shoe hustla is not always used in the context of women although it abviously can be. you see son when uze a TSH you jus so fresh. Ignant nigga: ay yo you aint nothin but a Tennis-shoe Hustla. Edjumacatid mo fo: nigga dats ignant (proceeds to whop on ignant niggas ass)

Urban Dictionary: tennis shoe chaser

A type of groupie solely after professional atheletes or rap stars.

Tennis Shoe | Definition of Tennis Shoe by Merriam-Webster

Tennis shoe definition is - a lightweight usually low-cut sneaker.

Urban Dictionary: Tennis Shoe Money

It's the initial indicator of modern financial freedom, allowing a person who has Tennis Shoe Money to wear trendy athletic shoes while conducting business activities that would otherwise demand a different class of foot wear. Generally centered around tech start ups, Tennis Shoe Money has spread to other business sectors.

Slang for Shoes – Slangpedia

Gators: Shoes made of alligator or crocodile leather, worn by people who think killing animals for fashion makes them a pimp. Steppers: A pair of flashy, conspicuous shoes. For example, they may be very high heeled. Usually said with the implication that the wearer wants to be seen as sexy. Can be used for male shoes that look good too.

Glossary of British terms not widely used in the United ...

(v.) (slang) to act like a pimp; to cadge, to borrow with little or no intention of returning, often openly so ("Can I ponce a ciggie off you, mate?") ponce about/around (v.) (slang) to act like a fop, to wander about aimlessly without achieving anything

Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)

Tennis Shoe Pimp: a pimp who is new to the game (whose shoes are still white) Track: a street where prostitutes work; also referred to as a blade Trap: money a Pimp gets f om a prostitute; also may refer to a drug hole Trick: a customer or a date Whip: a flashy car, part of a pimp's campaign Wifey: a fellow prostitute with the same pimp S. TOP