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Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve | Feel Tennis

Step 1: The Stance. A proper tennis serve stance is when your feet are positioned so that the front foot is pointing towards the right net post (for right-handers) and the back foot is parallel to the baseline. Basic serve stance gives you balance in all directions.

Tennis Serve Footwork - YouTube

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Tennis Without Talent: Service Footwork

Service footwork. It is worth remembering that, even on the serve, you hit the ball with your feet. That is always true of every stroke since the momentum you inject into the ball must first be "stolen" from the earth using your feet. It is especially true of the serve since a consistent serve depends on a consistent toss, and a consistent toss depends on balance.

The Basics of Tennis Footwork: Less (Steps) is More (Time ...

The Basics of Tennis Footwork: Less (Steps) is More (Time) Oct 20. 41. While there are many different footwork patterns in tennis, it is very common for players to do too much with their feet and, in the process, make playing tennis more challenging than it should be. The foundation of proper tennis footwork is keeping it very simple and taking away all the unnecessary steps.

How To Serve And Volley In Tennis (Advanced Footwork And ...

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Return Of Serve Footwork: Easily Handle ... - Tennis Evolution

The return of serve footwork is a concept that many players ask me about in lessons and via email. Most players are told to just react to the serve and not worry about having the proper the return of serve footwork. If you don’t learn the proper footwork, than you’ll be off balance on some returns especially on balls that stretch you.

Tennis Serve Tip: Proper Weight Transfer & Balance - YouTube

In this tennis serve tip OTI Intructor Nadim Naser explains proper weight transfer on the serve. Weight transfer is critical for generating effortless power ...

What Are The Best Tennis Footwork Tips? - Serve and Volley Tennis

Planting of the feet – placing the body into the proper firing position. Harnessing momentum – pushing off the ground, thrusting the torso and generating the necessary momentum to propel the arm into the swing. Recovering – returning or moving to the best location on the court.