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Slide Tackles in Youth Soccer: Everything You Want to Know ...

As mentioned before, the rules and regulations of a specific league will dictate whether slide tackles are legal. As a general rule, however, slide tackling will likely be legal in all soccer leagues beginning in high school. Can a Soccer Goalie Slide Tackle? Just like any other player, a goalie may slide tackle. Therefore, if slide tackling is ...

Slide Tackle In Soccer - Rookie Road

A slide tackle is a type of tackle in soccer used by a player to get possession of the ball for his team. The player performing the tackle will slide into the opposing player, but must be careful not to do so from behind or they risk getting a yellow card or red card if they make contact with anything other than the ball first or make a ...

Can You Slide Tackle in Soccer? – Your Soccer Home

Youth soccer, high school soccer, and u10, u11, and u12 soccer often ban slide tackles due to the high risk of injury to the players. However, each soccer league at this level has jurisdiction over its own rules, so it is best to check with the individual league to confirm this.

Soccer Slide Tackle

This is called a "slide tackle". Here's the definition from the SoccerHelp Dictionary: "When a defender slides on the ground and attempts to kick the ball away from the ballhandler. If the tackle is careless, reckless or uses excessive force or the tackler first contacts the ballhandler instead of the ball, a foul should be called.

Slide Tackles – Ask A Soccer Referee

Technically, no soccer organization affiliated with USSF can have a playing rule that is not allowed by the Laws of the Game. Second (ignoring the above paragraph), we train referees to understand that, although slide tackling is not illegal, it can quickly become illegal if not done correctly.

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Slide tackle in soccer. Again rule #1 is you can’t slide tackle in soccer from behind or it’s an automatic red card. When you slide tackle in soccer you want to tackle with your laces most of the time but you could us the inside depending on the situation.

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Slide tackles from the front and some from the side are in the view of the ballhandler, and that player may be able to avoid contact or evade the tackle. During the ground challenge, assessing the ability of the defender to play the ball, force used and the reaction of the ballhandler are important to the referee.

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More Slide Tackling Tips. May 8, 2006 10:00 PM. Marcelo Balboa, a long-time veteran of the United States National Team currently with the Colorado Rapids of MLS, offers his advice on slide-tackling. 6. Protect Yourself. The first law of slide-tackling concerns safety, and it begins with shinguards. Full guards may not be as comfortable as ...

How to Tackle in Soccer (4 Techniques All Players Must Know)

4. The Slide Tackle. The slide tackle should be a defender’s last resort. Winning the ball back through a slide tackle can be very satisfying if done correctly, but can go horribly wrong if your timing or technique aren’t perfect. Mostly because it’s impossible for a defender to control their momentum after leaving their feet.