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Putting together a starting line-up - Coaching Volleyball

First is the placement of players on the court relative to each other. Second is in which rotation they start the set. When it comes to the order of placement of the players on the court, two factors generally dominate the considerations. Balance. The first thing you absolutely need to look to do is create as balanced a line-up as you possibly can.

How To Fill Out a Volleyball Lineup ... - Set up for Volleyball

How To Fill Out a Volleyball Lineup Sheet [Free Downloadable Sheet] Write the name of your team in the top box where it states Team:. Identify which player is playing in position 1 (See below figure for position guide). Once you have determined which... Moving clockwise round the form, continue the ...

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The following are some key points for how to line up to receive a serve ... You must understand that there are 6 positions on the court. The 6 positions are 1) right back, 2) right front, 3) middle front, 4) left front, 5) left back, and 6) middle back. At the moment of service contact, the players that are in positions next to one another and opposite one another can't be overlapped.

Volleyball Lineup

The reason the coach needs to fill out a line up card is so the referee and scorekeeper can keep track of serving order and the rotation order of players on the court. The line up card or roster lists each players name along with jersey number. The line up card is also sometimes referred to as a line up sheet. The line up sheet consists of the rotation order, what players are going to play in that game, and the libero (if any).

Volleyball 6 2 Rotation | How to line up for 6-2

In addition to 5-1, 6-2 volleyball rotation is the most common line up in volleyball. You’ll find simple explanations how to line up for 6-2. And information about positions where players should move after the serve. Volleyball 6 2 Rotation – Learn Different Court Positions In the text we talk about rotational positions and playing positions.

Setting up your starting rotation: 5-1 - Coaching Volleyball

Here’s the most common way teams line-up when playing a 5-1 system. Let me explain the abbreviations. S = Setter. M1 = Stronger Middle. M2 = Weaker Middle. O1 = Stronger Outside Hitter. O2 = Weaker Outside Hitter. OPP = Opposite. So, if someone (like me) talks about their O2 or M1, you know they are referring to positions relative to the setter.

A Simple Guide to Volleyball Positions and Rotations ...

On the volleyball court, there’s always three front court players, and three back court players. When you see them lined up on the court, each of the front court players lines up with a back court player. During the serve, the front court player has to stay in front of the back court player that they’re lined up with.


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